Jul 25, 2014
posted by: Johnna

DIY T-Shirt Tote Bag!

My parents used to save my old t-shirts for things like washing the car or cutting up into scraps for cleaning. With a whole stack of old shirts taking up space in my closet, I knew I could do something savvier than just turning them into a pile of rags. On that thought, the t-shirt tote bag was born! Any craft that makes good use of recycled materials that is also fun, simple AND ends up looking fabulous, is a no-brainer, right? Plus, any “no-sew” project for fashionistas who don’t know quite how to sew has my name written all over it!

This project is super fitting for those like me who can’t have enough bags, as well as the environmentally-conscious who bring reusable bags for grocery shopping. Even better, this one-of-a-kind carryall makes the perfect DIY for kids who want to start the upcoming school year in style.

No sew DIY t-shirt tote

How to make:

1. Choose an old t-shirt

2. Lay flat and cut the sleeves and neckline off (if there’s a bottom hem, you’ll want to cut that off, too!)

3. Using a ruler as a guide, cut even vertical strips along the bottom of the shirt. We recommend spacing the strips around an inch apart, and anywhere around 6-10 inches long, depending on the size of the shirt (the bigger the shirt = the longer the strip!)

4. Hold the shirt down at the top of each strip and tug at each individual one to stretch it out.

5. Tie overhand or square knots across the bottom of the ‘bag’ until it is finished!


  • Creating a square shape when cutting the round neckline off will give it more of an actual tote look.
  • If you are using a plain shirt and you’re feeling inspired, go ahead and decorate with fabric paint or markers and other embellishments.
  • Happy crafting!

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