Jun 01, 2015
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Meet four girls for families!


The girls of four girls for families are just like any others. They go to school, have soccer practice, and sing along to the latest chart topping hits. The only difference is that they started a charity that now provides clean water to thousands in Cambodia! We had a chance to interview the girls behind the charity and get their take on how girls everywhere can make a difference, big and small, in their communities or around the world.

Meet Maddie, Emmy and Rae – three out of the four members of this amazing organization. During the month of June on www.shopcharm-it.com, 50% of the purchase price of the girls’ favorite CHARM IT! charms will be donated to their charity in support of their mission of clean water for all. Get inspired and shop their selection!

1. What is everyone’s position and responsibility in Four Girls for Families?

Maddie, co-founder and speechwriter, is the first to point out that all the girls share an equal responsibility in creating and picking fundraising products, setting up store fronts, managing their social media, and sharing the organization’s mission with others.

Emmy, co-founder, explains how they work as a team of activists for their cause by adding, “I attend meetings and travel to different places to give speeches and explain the need for clean water around the world. We visit schools, youth groups, and different clubs, like Rotary, to tell our story. I believe that although this entire organization is a group effort between us, we are each an important part.”

Rae, co-founder, tells us, that each of the girls makes decisions regarding what projects to take on, as well as contribute ideas to make the charity grow and help as many people as possible.


2. Tell us one of your favorite and most rewarding experiences in Cambodia.

“On our last trip in February, we visited a family who we built a home for two years ago. Seeing the children who had grown so much over two years playing in their home really put into perspective how many lives we are improving. It was really amazing to me, and opened up my eyes to how much we are impacting the world,” states Maddie.

Emmy talks about seeing a mother watch her daughter drink clean water for the first time using the girls’ filtration system. “It was such a great feeling to see a family use the filter and to know that now the little girl wouldn’t have to worry about getting a disease that comes from drinking dirty water.”

Rae reflects on the fact that the Cambodian villagers may not have many possessions or luxuries, and in fact are extremely poor, but are still so happy to share whatever they have. “The last time we delivered water filters, the women of the village all gathered together and cooked us Jack fruit (like a squash) and were so proud to share, even though they barely had enough for themselves.”


3. How do you balance homework, after school activities, friends, and working with your organization?

As you might imagine, it’s not easy being a student/philanthropist/soccer star. It takes organization, pre-planning, lots of determination, and support from family and friends! All of the girls noted that it was a challenge to balance their schedules, but they all thrive impressively anyway! After all, as Maddie explains best, “When you have a passion for something, you can always find time for it.”

Emmy has perfected her routine at this point. She is always trying to get her homework done during free periods and plan her upcoming projects in advance, just so nothing creeps up on her! Rae told us that it helps having a supportive school and student body. Maddie even believes that the balancing act makes life more exciting!

4. Tell us three words that best describe you.

Running a charity is no easy task and these girls have already grown theirs to help thousands a world away. Accepting, helpful, and adventurous are just a few of the adjectives the girls used to describe themselves, none of which should come as surprise!
Maddie: Focused, creative, and adventurous would be the three words I would choose to describe myself.

Emmy: Three words that describe me are helpful, organized, and responsible. I always make sure I can find a way to help others and I give 100% effort.
Rae: I am hard-working, accepting, and friendly. I love hearing the ideas of others and exploring creative, fun ways to get things done.

5. What do you want to be when you grow up?

The one thing all three girls know for sure is that when they grow up, they want to help people!

Maddie has a lot of interests, so it’s hard to choose just one at this moment. Regardless, she will continue to be involved in charitable endeavors. Emmy hopes to continue to help others and make them happy in whatever career she chooses. Rae loves to see different practices of other cultures and the ideas and beliefs of people across globe. She strives to find solutions to major social, economic, and political issues that affect the lives of people in living situations that are not ideal. The United Nations is on the top of her list!

6. Do you have any advice for kids who interested in helping others?

The main thing the girls want to get across to kids is that you are never too young to make a difference, and there is no good deed too small! Their effort has been incredibly rewarding in so many ways, and they encourage everyone to follow their own path to charity… anywhere they can!

Emmy: My advice is that although you seem unimportant when you think about everyone in the world, you can touch just one person and change their life. Although there are so many people all around the world that need our help, you can start small by just trying to help one person and you will see your efforts grow. And don’t think you can’t do it – you will be surprised to see how people will listen to you and pitch in to help when they see all the positive things you are doing.

Rae: You are never too young to start helping others and there is no deed too small. Whether it is at school or in your neighborhood, if you see something that is unfair or can be changed for the better I encourage you to take charge.

Maddie: If you are interested in going out and doing something in your class, community, state, nation, world – whatever it is, go for it! I never thought I could have an impact on the world when I was 12, but I was completely wrong. Taking the initiative and starting something by yourself or with a friend is a great experience that you will take with you for the rest of your life.

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