Aug 26, 2013
posted by: Jolie

Back-to-School Gift!

The beaches are quiet, the stores are crowded, and butterflies are migrating to children’s bellies everywhere! This can only mean one thing “BACK-TO-SCHOOL” time is here!

As a mom, you’re just as nervous as she is. You need to let her grow up and gain independence, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remind her how much you love her every chance you get! Here is an idea for a special gift you can give your girl on her 1st day of school so she can feel your love all day long and for weeks to come… a personalized notebook!

First things first, write her a few messages scattered throughout a brand new notebook. She’ll be surprised when she turns those crisp lined pages to find little notes from you. From there, follow the steps below to make this the perfect package.

Complete the mission and sneak this into her backpack, or give it to her as she walks out of the house or jumps out of the car (sniff, sniff)! It’s a super-cute way to give her an extra boost of confidence and remind her of how special and “one-of-a kind” she is!

Here’s another awesome idea, Mom! Create one that she can give to her teacher! Let your daughter write a special note to the teacher on the first page (Example: “I look forward to learning as much as I can from you!”). Totally CHARM IT! girl style – she’ll stand out from the crowd! And yes, brownie points never hurt either!

Print the notebook labels here!

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