Dec 05, 2013
posted by: Erika W

Yoga for Kids!

The CHARM IT! office is a buzz with the sound of om every Wednesday @ 6pm when we have our weekly in-house yoga class. It’s the end of the work day where we all breathe, relax and leave the day’s stress behind on the mat. Many of us at High IntenCity are parents or parents-to-be and are curious about the practice for our children. Will they enjoy the benefits of yoga as much as us?

In order to get the answers to our questions, we asked our guest Yoga Guru, Tara, to give her insight on yoga for children. Tara is a mother, Qi Gong practitioner and body worker whose practice includes Kundalini yoga, Ayurveda massage, meridian acupressure, and reflexology. She has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, teaching for 10 years, and is basically our go-to person for everything health & wellness.

Here’s what Tara had to share with us in my interview…

What’s the most important thing to know when getting your child started in a yoga practice?

Yoga! All parents should take a class first so they can understand the benefits. Even better, go to a family yoga class!

What age would you recommend introducing a child to yoga?

6wks! Mommy and Me Yoga classes

What are the benefits for kids?

To help them focus, improve health, better sleep, and less worry!

What can children learn from yoga, and what are some reasons for kids to practice?

Trust, self confidence, relaxation & fun!

How is a children’s yoga class different from an adults’?

Kids are a little bit free with themselves. They like to stand on their heads or try to put their feet behind their heads.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Is there any special equipment that they will need? Mat? Yoga pants?

Comfortable clothes, water, most kids like having their own mat, but studios have extra mats that you can borrow.

Do we need to go to a yoga studio in order to practice poses? What are some poses that we can try at home without an instructor?

The best way to practice at home is to watch a kids’ yoga video first, so you can learn some poses, and then they can have fun with it by trying it on their own.

Do children need to practice for a certain length in time in order to receive the benefits?

Just sitting down and becoming aware of their breath is a benefit.

What will be some of the challenges for a child?

To realize we are all different, and to not compare themselves to others.

How do you keep a child motivated to continue their practice?

Keep it light and fun! Yoga should be no pressure!

I know that you have an eight year old daughter, Shavonne, who practices yoga. What does she like about yoga?

She likes being in a class having fun with the other kids!

Does she have a favorite pose?

Shoulder stand

Shoulder stand is one of my favorite poses as well. My actual favorite pose is Triangle Pose, but that’s for another post! Thank you Tara for giving us a better understanding of yoga for children, we look forward to chatting with you in future posts.

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